Animal abuse i has been silenced in Belarus

 Appealing story (that almost become tragic) was picked up by the press. Story about  a small poor pony named Manunya who has been saved from death by Evgeniy and Anastasia Palinka. Palinka family came to Mozyr  from Ukrainian Ghartysk in year 1990. Today activists  are holders of private stable “Konskij  raj” where  they are taking care not only about the horses  but also about  the other pets.

Manunya’s story continues. The latest thing.

 Manunya is suffering from pain. Now Manunya is in-patient care in Minsk. Nobody knows how long she will stay there.  Manunya is infirm and her analyzes are bad.

 First book club meeting will take place on 6th of March and we will pay our attention not to classic but to modern Belarussian literature.

Our suggestion is to read and considerate a piece that has not only its reader but its viewer. Let’s read Andrus’ Gorvat „Radziva. Prudok.Dzennik.“